Bill Branyon


Bill Branyon is a free-lance historian who has written three books: Asheville NC, circa 2,000 AD — a historical faction about Asheville politics and culture; and the nonfiction book, Liberating Liberals: a political synthesis of Nietzsche and Jesus, Vonnegut and Marx (Groucho, not Karl) and Gandhi and Machiavelli; and now the new Billy Graham’s Glorious Jam.

For the last twenty years Bill has been a staff reporter and editorialist for Asheville’s liberal weekly, the Mountain Xpress. He has a Masters degree in history from WCU, and a BA in history from Vanderbilt. He’s run for mayor, walked for peace, and is a hyper-activist — when not lazily lounging. 

Author’s statement:

A big part of the living trick I think is cramming maximum meaning into work, while guaranteeing languid leisure in long loamy times. My leisure includes hiking blue ridges, biking white beaches, tennis, golf, basketball and this year, yogananda-pilateyanda, (stretching). As well as all the arts both high and unibrow, including reading and watching everything. I write in hopes of transforming the body politic towards a more humane, peaceful, and ecological arrangement. And oft times for raw, trickster fun.

I teach, pluck and sing guitar, rendering screechy renditions of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, classical instrumental, and many others.

 I’d be an atheist if not such a skeptic, and so appreciate Jesus more than most Holy Ghosts, while jousting with Nietzsche’s post-heavenly hosts. But miracles do happen -- on earth by earthlings, and maybe from inner and outer space -- and we need one now and how.